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Animal X Graphics

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25 Animal X Icons [25 Mar 2007|02:52pm]

# of icons: 25
# of alternates: 4
Total: 29 icons

+ Comment
+ Credit appreciated.
+ No hotlinking
+ No taking textless icons and using them as bases. If you have to have text on it, ask me about it.
+ Courtesy to Doki Doki for the scans. :)



>>clickie clickie<<
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Yay! [14 May 2006|03:21pm]

Doki Doki has released Animal X - Genshi Sairai vol 1 ch 1!

Thank you Doki Doki!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Wallpaper [05 May 2006|08:51pm]

I made a Minato x Yuuji wall paper 1024 x 768. I can't wait for the final voumes of Animal X ♥

wallpaper, large image!Collapse )

Update [29 Mar 2006|09:33am]

[ mood | busy ]

♥Doki Doki♥

An update from Doki Doki Animal X: Daichi no Okite vol 1 and 2 are now up for direct download.


More Icons [27 Mar 2006|05:50pm]

It's been a while since my last icon post so here are a few od Minato and Minato/Yuuji:



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Icons Galore [11 Mar 2006|09:51pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I was in an icon making mood...I've been playing with brushes and stuff for a few hours now...and came out with these. Enjoy!

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[07 Mar 2006|01:55pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Was playing around with coloring and gradients today and came up with these. I thought they came out kinda good, so I thought I'd post them. Only one Minato/Yuuji icon today. I thought the other characters needed some love, so here's a Maya and a Higa icon--enjoy!

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Chibi Art [04 Mar 2006|03:35pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Got bored so I spent about an hout pumping some chibi art out. It's a little spoilerish so I'll cut it.

chibi artCollapse )

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wallpaper [04 Mar 2006|09:38am]

My first post here, but second attempt at wallpaper.
art source: Animal X art book by way of Photoshop

Yuuji & Minato
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[MOD] [03 Mar 2006|06:47pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Doki Doki has released Animal X - Daichi no Okite vol 2. ch 2b today YAY! If you do mIRC drop in and give them lots of love. There are tons of places to show your appreciation aside from mIRC if you don't do that sort of thing like their forum or even here!


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


My first meager contribution! [28 Feb 2006|02:37pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Two versions of the same Minato/Yuuji icon! I couldn't get the effect in the first to look quite the way I wanted, but some people have said they like it. Comment/credit!

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[Mod] [27 Feb 2006|10:27pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Making an official mod post heh. Alrighty after going over doki doki's FAQ at least a dozen times and reading it through I found that they do have some policies of their own. Now they are okay with using their Animal X images (specifically the main story images), but there are special rules pertaining to the doujinshi they have for Animal X. If you haven't read their FAQ it would be a good idea along with our own rules. Now I asked about it and permission has been granted, we may be allowed use of Animal X doujinshi for the small graphic that is icon making. However, as it says in the rules, if you use Animal X art piece created by a doujinshi artist give credit to the artist, but also to the icon maker for their graphics. Observe Ureshino's work in particular. Thank you

Thank you Doki Doki ♥

Speaking of small graphics I've got some sprites and an OTP banner!

Link the OTP back here
Should you use the sprites tell me where

(to be honest I don't care if you make these sprites gifs or seperate them...but why would you seperate Yuuji and Minato? So long as you tell me where you're using them and you don't change their over all design)

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Oooo... Fresh meat!--I mean--New members! [26 Feb 2006|01:45pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Yay! New members! Welcome, welcome, and thanks for joining! I'm Quycksylver, the (sorta) other mod--the one who never does anything. ^^;; Anyway...make yourselves at home, post, request, discuss have fun--all that good stuff, and most importantly, spread the love of all that is Animal X! *shakes pom-poms*

EDIT: And damn LJ for not letting me use html tags in the title... grrr!

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[25 Feb 2006|09:45pm]

Well... guess I might as well post the ones I've made then, huh?

And two new ones I made today--go me!

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Icons! [25 Feb 2006|12:04pm]

Minato x 4
Yuuji x 1
Minato/Yuuji x 2



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[Mod] [25 Feb 2006|11:59am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

First post is a mod post! Weee...just to confirm the group is functioning okay and also the affiliation post!

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